Ms. Gina Miller

Ms. Gina Miller

Gina Miller co-founded SCM Private in 2009 as a disruptive modern investment manager offering low access to high end wealth management.  Gina has worked in the UK retail financial services sector since 1996 and is passionate about transparency, accountability and consumer protection.   

Her business principles are characterised by innovation, efficiency, a profit for purposes model and putting the customer at the centre of all decision-making processes.  In 1996, she launched SWAY Marketing, one of the first specialist retail financial services marketing agencies in the UK.  Prior to this Gina worked for BMW’s events and marketing team in the UK. 

Gina’s feisty advocacy for transparency, scrutiny and ethics in the UK financial services industry led to her launching the True and Fair Campaign in 2012, as well as the creation of the True and Fair Calculator, a world-class free online tool that helps users see their true investment costs.  Her campaigning work resulted in influencing and drafting text in 3 EU Directives – MiFID II, PRIPS, and the Shareholder Directive in 2014.

In September 2014 Gina launched and as direct to consumer online wealth management brands which use technology as an enabler of efficiencies and dis-intermediation, as well as onboarding smaller clients.     

Gina is a passionate philanthropist and conscious capitalist.  She has funded and authored / co-authored reports on modern day slavery, social justice and the charity sector. Her True and Fair Foundation campaigns for greater transparency, accountability and governance in the UK charity sector; as well as directly supporting small dynamic community charities making significant impacts. 

In 2016, Gina was the lead claimant in an historic constitutional legal case against the UK Government seeking to preserve Parliamentary sovereignty by claiming that the Government could not bypass Parliament and trigger Article 50 without primary legislation.

Gina has studied Law, Marketing and Human Resource Management.